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Optimal Fencing 

Outsourcing social media and administrative tasks to BBP (Bennett Business Partnerships) from Optimal Fencing has been a transformative decision for our company. As a fencing specialist, our primary focus is on delivering top-notch fencing solutions to our clients, and the administrative burden was taking valuable time away from our core operations. BBP stepped in as a trusted partner, shouldering the responsibilities of social media management and administrative tasks with a level of expertise that has exceeded our expectations.


BBP's social media team has breathed new life into our online presence. With a deep understanding of our industry, they craft engaging content that not only showcases our impressive fencing projects but also educates and engages our audience. Our social media channels have seen a surge in followers, and the quality of interactions has improved significantly. This enhanced online presence has not only boosted our brand's reputation but has also translated into tangible business growth.

On the administrative front, BBP's support has streamlined our operations. They handle everything from document management to procurement, freeing up our internal resources to focus on core business functions. Their commitment to precision and efficiency has resulted in smoother project workflows and improved overall productivity.

With BBP as our administrative backbone, we have seen a noticeable reduction in errors and delays, which has had a direct impact on our bottom line. The partnership with BBP has proven to be an invaluable asset for Optimal Fencing, allowing us to thrive in a highly competitive industry.

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