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A Christmas poem for you all

In the workshop of construction, 'neath the wintry sky so clear, A Project Manager reflects, as Christmas draws near.

With blueprints and hard hats, and plans laid with care, He dreams of a site transformed, a vision to share.

In the stillness of the night, as snowflakes softly fall, She envisions structures rising, majestic and tall. A Christmas tree of steel, adorned with lights so bright, Symbolizing progress and the project's guiding light.

On scaffolding, they stand, like ornaments on high,

Each worker and team member reaches for the sky. In this season of giving, their craftsmanship unfolds, As steel and concrete stories, the project manager moulds.

With a checklist in hand, and a heart full of cheer,

She orchestrates each detail, making every task clear. From foundations to finishes, in snow or in sleet, The project manager guides, with precision and feat.

But in this festive moment, a pause to celebrate,

The camaraderie and teamwork that make projects great.

She gathers the crew, under the moon's soft glow, To share laughter and stories, in the construction site's snow.

Amidst the cranes and the drills, in this holiday cheer, the Project Manager wishes all, a Christmas sincere. For in every foundation poured and every beam that's placed, Lies a story of hard work and a vision embraced.

So, here's to the builders, the dreamers, and the crew,

May your Christmas be merry, and your visions come true.

In the construction site glow, 'neath the stars shining bright,

A Project Manager dreams of a joyous Christmas night.

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