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Our People

Kira – Founder and CEO

Kira Bennett

Kira has worked in the public and private business sectors for over 10 years, in various roles. This has given her a wide array of skills that she now wishes to use to help you. She is Organised, creative and meticulous in every aspect of her work. Pairing that with her passion for helping people, the creation of Bennett Business Partnerships seemed natural. Throughout the years she has shown to be dedicated and proactive, whilst identifying gaps in processes and maintaining high standards.

Kira has embarked on the journey to complete both the Site Supervisors' Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) and achieving a NOCN Level 7 qualification demonstrates a dedicated commitment to enhancing one's skills in project management and site safety. SSSTS equips individuals with essential knowledge of construction site safety protocols, risk assessment, and regulatory compliance, crucial for ensuring a secure and hazard-free work environment. Concurrently, obtaining a NOCN Level 7 qualification signifies a deep understanding of advanced project management principles, offering expertise in areas such as strategic planning, leadership, and complex problem-solving. Combining these two qualifications not only enhances one's ability to manage construction projects efficiently but also ensures that safety remains at the forefront of every decision, ultimately contributing to the success and well-being of all stakeholders involved in the construction industry.

Philip – Technical Support

Philip’s Skills sit firmly in the private and public sectors utilising a wide range of systems, applications and hardware. This includes, installing, configuring, upgrading and handling general day to day enquiries from customers or other support areas. His knowledge has been gained over 15 years from working with large corporate/private organisations to small businesses. He is a highly professional person that does not rest until a job is done right.

Philip Bennett

Donna - Accountant

Donna Salajan

Donna is the guru of finances, with strong analytical skills, attention to detail and excellent communication skills to effectively convey financial information to clients and stakeholders. She's a leading expert on Xero and QuickBooks and making all accounts line up with the tax digital  by 2026. 

Being a construction accountant is a dynamic and challenging role that plays a pivotal part in the financial health of construction companies. Construction accountants are responsible for managing and overseeing the financial aspects of construction projects, which often involve complex budgets, contracts, and expenses. They work closely with project managers, estimators, and contractors to track costs, analyze budgets, and ensure that projects remain financially viable. This role demands a keen eye for detail, a strong understanding of construction industry regulations and accounting principles, and the ability to adapt to changing project dynamics. Construction accountants provide critical financial insights that aid in decision-making, helping construction companies achieve profitability and sustainability in a competitive industry.

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