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Hitting a bit harder than originally thought

This is very much a personal blog, with the title explaining the reasoning. They say to write about what you know. And at the moment, I'm still trying to get over the stress of the last badly orchestrated and managed project.

As a project manager to a seasoned bricklayer subcontractor, I've weathered the storms of construction projects – the early mornings, the hard labour, and the camaraderie of bringing new homes to life. However, nothing prepared me for the tangled web of deceit I would encounter when called to work on a project involving the construction of ten new houses.

The excitement of contributing to the foundation of a community quickly turned sour as I began to notice cracks in the contractor's promises. What was supposed to be a seamless collaboration on paper transformed into a nightmare as delays mounted, deadlines were missed, and the excuses became more inventive than my bricklaying patterns.

It started with the initial promise of a well-organised project timeline. Yet, days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, and my crew found ourselves twiddling our trowels, waiting for materials that were perpetually 'on the way.' The contractor's explanations, at first plausible, soon began to sound like a poorly scripted soap opera – a drama of delays, unforeseen circumstances, and elusive suppliers. Let's face it - we still had to pay the lads for showing up and being prepared to work. So the financial impacts were also beginning to hit the business.

Determined to get to the bottom of the chaos, I began documenting every inconsistency. The promised deliveries that never materialised, the shifting completion dates, and the vague responses to our concerns formed a paper trail that could no longer be ignored. The ignorance of Health and Safety, the bullying tactics on site and the pure attitude of the management team.

 It was time to call bullshit on the contractor's tangled web of lies.

Confrontation in the construction world is a delicate dance. As a Project Manager, my focus has always been on the precision of my craft, but when that craft is jeopardised by dishonesty, it's time to take a stand. Armed with evidence and a determination to unveil the truth, I confronted the contractor And asked for a meeting - to which they never attended or even acknowledged my request. The utter rudeness.

The lies unravelled faster than a poorly laid brick wall. We had to take matters further and use the safety net of the Construction ACT and JCT terms and Conditions. The contractor stuttered through feeble justifications, trying to salvage their reputation, but the evidence was as solid as the bricks we lay. It was a moment of truth that sent shockwaves through the construction site.

Exposing the deception was a bittersweet victory. The contractor's true colours were laid bare for all to see, and my crew and I found ourselves at a crossroads – do we continue down this deceitful path or forge ahead with a team that values honesty and integrity?

In the aftermath, we realised that we work with contractors who respect timelines, communicate transparently, and understand the importance of a cohesive construction team.

Calling bullshit in the construction world is not just about defending your integrity; it's about upholding the standards of the entire industry. As a Project manager, my work is built on a foundation of precision and trust. While some may try to lay a crooked path with lies, I'm here to ensure that the construction maze remains true to its core values – honesty, craftsmanship, and a commitment to delivering quality homes for those who dream of building a future.

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