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How a Construction Virtual Assistant Can Boost Your Business

There's really only two reasons why a Bennett Partnership Virtual assistant could really help a construction business....

Save you time and money. Bennett business partnerships assists clients in finding, hiring, and onboarding exceptional virtual construction specialised assistants.

Keep reading to find out exactly how adding this role to your team can benefit your business if you're wondering how a construction virtual assistant may help.

Construction leaders can spend more time on strategic initiatives.

At Bennett business partnerships, we help our clients find, hire, and onboard outstanding virtual

assistants — saving you time and money. If you’re wondering how a construction virtual

assistant can boost your business, keep reading to learn exactly how you can benefit from

adding this position to your team.

Construction business executives need to be flexible in order to adapt to the fast-paced, high-growth environment that is the construction industry. Hiring a virtual assistant who specialises in building and construction, is a well-liked strategy for assisting your company's growth. Application of key knowledge and systems, allowing you the owner to focus on building works and business development.

By providing additional support, employing a virtual assistant can help your business grow in a variety of ways, from social media management to bookkeeping and accountancy, project management, email, and diary management and even RAMS and contracts.

The range of your customer service options will increase.

Customer service is crucial to your clientele if you run a B2C firm, as you are aware. Networking with other industry professionals is crucial. Knowing others in the industry can really help project management easier, calling upon each service at the right time in a project is crucial for schedule of works to stay on track and projects to be completed on time.

Bennett business partnerships are a team of virtual construction assistants that work a variety of shifts because they operate from home. We provide client support in packages that take into consideration the business of projects.

We also work alongside project managers and other directors to ensure all admin, contracts, schedule of works and payment schedules are followed in a timely manner.

You can eliminate the requirement for overtime staffing by paying your construction virtual assistant on an hourly basis to do the additional customer care job. Your firm will grow, and your clients' satisfaction will rise if someone is available to reply to their inquiries.

You can boost your online visibility.

Managing your social media accounts is only one of the many things a BPP virtual construction assistant can do to help you grow your business. For many construction companies, this is a time-consuming and laborious chore, but a virtual construction assistant can handle your marketing and boost your social media presence.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and instar – even being able to deliver toolbox talks to the team via WhatsApp! Outsourcing these tasks allows us to be creative and use our building skills, whilst still fully building up your company and getting you noticed.

Your BPP virtual assistant in construction may support you in expanding your company through social media marketing, whether it's scheduling your social media posts or replying to comments. We can help you identify capable virtual marketing assistants to run your social media accounts.

Coordinating the onboarding process won't be a concern for you.

When you engage with Virtual Construction Assistants, we take care of the virtual assistant's hiring and onboarding procedures. We'll take care of the entire process for you, from examining resumes to sorting through applications, saving you the time and expense of hiring a virtual construction assistant.

Working with our team will enable you to save time both throughout the hiring process and once the virtual construction assistant begins working for you. We can help with check-ins, performance evaluations, and onboarding to make sure your virtual construction assistant is a wonderful addition to your team.

So as your company grows, we can help – we have a financial department with fully qualified accountant, IT guru (he can even do websites), HR – for all employment and subcontractor rights, Contractual law administrator and even a Quantity surveyor for all those pricing ups and tenders.

So, get in contact today and find out how Bennett Partnerships can support your construction business needs.

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